Our Specialization

Hot-dipped galvanized products are more than an afterthought to us. For 25 years, Maintenance Metals has specialized in the supply of hot-dipped galvanized forged steel fittings, flanges, swages and other piping accessories.Learn More »
  • Forged Steel Fittings

  • Weld Fittings and Reducers

  • SMLS Nipples

  • Swages (CONC, ECC)

  • Flanges

  • SMLS Pipe

Why hot-dipped galvanizing?

Hot-dip galvanizing provides more than 30% more zinc per unit volume than plating with a consequential increase in protection. Parts are immersed in a bath of molten zinc, then act metallurgically to produce a coating consisting of a series of zinc-iron alloys and a surface layer of almost pure zinc. This coating is intrinsic to the metal, with a bond several orders of magnitude stronger than zinc plating. Immersion ensures that every area of the component is adequately coated.

Vulnerable edges, corners, and threads actually receive a thicker coating than flat surfaces. Even if the coating is scratched or removed, the zinc and zinc-iron layers provide sacrificial anodic protection. Exposed steel on a HDG product will not rust until the coating is depleted.

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Other Services

Machine shop for your non-galvanized materials
We offer same day facing, tapping, taper and thru boring, thread to socketweld.

Hot-dipped Galvanized machine shop services
Hot-dipped Galvanized machine shop services
Hot-dipped Galvanized machine shop services